Nidome Murabito Prologue 3

“Still in a Pinch!”

                Still in the prologue.

                Please just stick with it for a little longer. [AN]

                This is Estella, on the scene.

                I am, again, being chased by the persistent wild boar.

                It rammed three adventurers into the sky to become stars, and furthermore, it knocked my knife away somewhere, this detestable guy.

                I’m using the trees to somehow escape, but I think it’ll only be a matter of time.

                I wonder if I’ll be able to escape from the boar and return home safely?

                That’s all from the scene.

                「It’s different, right! Ah, jeez, it’s so persistent!」

                The boar is chasing me like an enemy, while I am running nimbly through the trees.

                Calling it a headlong rush, the boar rushes forward, while I swiftly dodge it, it breaks and faces me again, before charging in an endless cycle.

                Even if I succeed in escaping to the village, the gate won’t be able to hold and will break and cause chaos, so I can’t do that.

                I can’t do anything if I’m reckless, so I start to feel helpless.

                「There’s no choice, I’ll have to use magic again!」

                Using the trees, I sidestep the boar’s charge and begin to prepare the staff again.

                Gathering magic power at the end of the staff, imagine the boar getting defeated by the magic, and evoke the imagined magic.

                「This time for sure, I’ll defeat you! Suavai ma Tatala! (Fly Forth, Water!) Water Attack!」

                From the end of the staff, transparent water manifested and collided with the boar, safely defeating it…



                Such a thing didn’t happen.

                What manifested from the staff wasn’t colorless, transparent water, but a pitch black, dirty, muddy water.

                Even in practice, there wasn’t anyone that got this kind of pure black water, this is a first for me too.

                That black, muddy water flew at the boar, but as expected, it didn’t have the power to defeat it.

                Instead, the black, muddy water struck the boar and stuck to its face, seemingly obstructing its vision.

                Like that, it rushed at me. Then, I impatiently dodged horizontally to the side.


                I dodged the boar and rolled across the ground as it thundered past, then from behind a loud sound echoed out, reaching my ears.

                Coincidentally, many small birds were resting on the trees flew away, chirping.

                Once I healed my head and eyes that were spinning, I fearfully turned back at the big tree that had been there, and the boar’s eyes were spinning.

                No, rather than its eyes spinning, it would be more correct to say that its neck is twisted in a weird direction, close to death’s doorstep?

                「Maybe it would be a good thing to deliver the final blow?」

                It is said that if you beat a monster, you get experience points, so, I drew the knife from my back and fearfully approached the boar.

                Looking closely, it has a kind of cute face, but since I’ll be making use of it, it seems kind of pitiful, yeah, that’s it.

                Aiming at a soft spot on the boar’s neck, I tightly grasp my knife with both hands and stab.


                The feeling of killing a living organism was transmitted to my hands that clenched the knife.

                I’ve killed small animals like rabbits before, but this is my first time killing a large animal.

                Adding more power to the knife and moving it, the cut slowly grew bigger, then the boar’s blood began to spurt out.


                My favorite clothes have been covered in the boar’s blood.

                I don’t like it since it won’t come out, even if washed properly.

                Furthermore, since my water magic drenched me earlier, the blood even began to run…

                This is the worst.

                While thinking about such things, in order to wash away the wild boar’s blood, I chanted earnest magic three times.

                「Wash away the blood. Suavai ma Tatala! (Fly Forth, Water!) Water Attack!」

                This time it seems to have gone well, a prayer included in the magic invocation, creating transparent water from the tip of the staff and washed away the blood that flowed from the boar.

                As expected of me! Great job, me! Well, I can’t deal with everything, though.

                While praising myself, I stabbed a board with my name on it into the boar, then returned to the village.

                While thinking that its good that it is close, I greeted Walton-san, who is guarding the village gate.

                「I’m back~」

                「So it’s Estella? Today you’re quite late… hm?」

                Walton-san’s line of sight moved to my chest. Walton-san is married so I’d think that he shouldn’t have any interest in my not-so-large breasts, but…

                「Walton-san, are you looking irresistibly at my chest~?」

                Slightly erotically, I emphasized my breasts and twisted my hips.

                Moreover, I gave a reproachful glare.

                Since I’m drenched with water, my underwear is probably visible, but, I’m a daughter-like figure so it’s alright… surely.

                「Y-you idiot! My wife is the only one for me! Anyway, cutting boards aren’t my hobby… wait, it’s different, it’s different, I was just thinking that there is blood running on your clothes.」

                Speaking of which, I looked down at my chest that the boar’s spurt of blood covered and there’s more than I had thought.

                However, cutting board…

                Huh, I wonder why, but there is sweat coming from my eyes?

                「Sniff. After finishing collecting medicinal herbs, while playing, I was chased by a wild boar.」

                「A wild boar, you say? Since you’re here I know you’re fine, but, did you shake it off?」

                「Since it hit a tree with spinning eyes, I went crunch and finished it off.」

                Walton-san put his hand over his eyes and looked up at the sky.

                Um, did I do something?

                「You… that wild boar was probably the guy from the subjugation request. Earlier, some adventurers should’ve accepted that request.」

                Oh, right, so I remembered.

                When I was confirming the permanent medicinal herb request, there was a precaution notice…

                I was also told that by the lady at the reception desk.

                「Then, I’ll go report to the guild. Since I couldn’t carry it back, I left it there. If you could collect it, it might line the dinner table~」

                「I’ll be looking forward to it~!」

                I waved to Walton-san as I entered the village.

                Since it’s presently the prologue, I plan to add some explanation of monsters. That said,

  • Their eyes swirl when their defeated
  • Similar to regular animals, they can be pierced by weapons
  • Killable

                Is pretty much the explanation.

(TL note: for monsters, basically think of Pokémon.)



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