Ruri to Yuri to Hime to Majo Chapter 42

2 hours after leaving the town.

Lapis and Lily arrived back at their house.

Incidentally, at this point it doesn’t need to be said, but Lily loves moving around by flying carpet. After all, her cute girlfriend ends up wanting to cling to her.

It’s bad that it scares Lapis, but even her scared figure is adorable. Lily had her fill of blissfulness every time they travel.

Putting away the carpet, they entered the house. Inside, was an unexpected figure.

「—Ah, Lily-senpai. Sorry to intrude. Also, Lapis, it’s been a while.」

Lily’s friend and disciple, Iris, was seated on the sofa. Her clothes, different from before, were traditional garb from the eastern island country.

As if becoming aware of her manners after calling out, she stood up quickly and lightly bowed her head.

Lily made a wry smile and replied.

「It’s been a while, Iris. Well, just slowly—!」

Suddenly having her arm pulled by Lapis, her sentence was cut off. When wondering what happened to her, her arms were wrapped around Lily’s hips, while glaring at Iris with teary eyes.


Last time, before Iris departed, remember that Iris planted a kiss on Lily’s cheek. Her attitude is eloquently saying 「Keep your hands off my girlfriend!」

As though she were bewitched by Lapis’s response, Lily somehow stood still.

Anyhow, Lily is the only one that knows the difficult position that Iris is in. If she doesn’t follow up, her lovely lover would forever continue on threatening her.

Thinking such, Lily caressed Lapis’s head. In the blink of an eye, Lapis had a smile as though purring and her intimidation had stopped.

Having seen the whole thing from beginning to end, Iris let out a bitter smile.

「You two haven’t changed, I see.」

Saying so and smiling, there wasn’t any shadow on her face. She seems to have moved on now, so Lily judged.

「We’re getting along even better than before. We just had a date today.」

「How enviable. I’d also like to go on a date with my girlfriend.」

Oh? Lily thought to that response.

The one to feel the sense of discomfort wasn’t just Lily, but Lapis also tilted her head.

「Iris-san, you’ve a girlfriend? —I mean, you have?」

「I don’t mind if you speak normally. —Ah, yeah, just a bit ago.」

Happily smiling, Iris nodded.

Lapis gave a sigh of relief.

「That’s good. Then, you won’t be laying your hands on Lily?」

「Ah, of course I won’t. Rather, I was only planning on teasing you, sorry.」

「Ok, that’s a relief. Also, it’s a bit late, but Iris-san, those clothes look nice on you.」

「Thanks. They’re called Eastern Clothes. I gave some to Serafi as a souvenir so if you’d like go try it on.」

「Woa, thanks. I’ll do that.」

Cutting the conversation off there, Lapis finally released Lily’s hand.

Whether she had been greatly inclined by Iris’s “souvenir”, saying 「I’ll go to Sera’s room」, Lapis went upstairs.

Seeing Lapis off, Lily then sat on the sofa.

「…So you’re going out with Horun-chan?」

「—Yes. We’re going out with the intent of getting married.」

「I see… I’m sure that you’ve had plenty of troubles, but I won’t ask. Take good care of her」

「Of course.」

Iris smiled. It was a pretty smile, without any cloudiness.

For that reason, Lily felt relieved and also smiled.

Knocking on Sera’s door, after receiving an answer, she entered.

Inside, Sera and Horun were sorting through unfamiliar clothes and hair ornaments.

When Sera realized that it was Lapis that had entered, she quickly stood and hugged her.

「Welcome home, Ane-sama♪」

「I’m home, Sera♪」

Lapis returned the hug, then planted a kiss on her sister’s lips. Sera smiled like a blooming flower.

「You two haven’t changed.」

「Ah, Horun, I’m home.」

「Welcome back」

Horun gave her greeting, joining in their circle. Sera and Horun said that they were sorting through the souvenirs from Iris.

The clothes were sorted by whom they would look good on, so there were no particular problems. The hair ornaments would be settled by having everyone choose their own.

「So, the problem is this.」

The object that Horun held up, at a glance, looked like a withered tree.

「It’s one of the things that Iris-san brought with her, but we don’t know what it is. For some reason, even Iris-san doesn’t know what it is… Lapis-sama, do you know what it is?」

Taking it, Lapis carefully examined it, then her expression began to brighten.

「We got something good! This, it’s dried bonito!」

「「Dried bonito?」」

Sera and Horun tilted their heads. After all, it was a name they hadn’t heard of.

「Tonight we’ll have okonomiyaki♪ Horun-sensei, can you help me out?」

「Is it food? Got it, I’ll help」

Horun agreed.

‘Still, to think that it was food’ Horun thought.

Although it has the appearance of a withered tree, it is really stiff. Wondering however it’d be cooked to become edible, Horun couldn’t even guess.

「Come to think of it—」

Putting down the dried bonito, while turning around to pet Sera, Lapis spoke.

「—Iris-san’s girlfriend is Horun?」


Letting out that line without any preface, causing Horun to become thoroughly petrified.

Having a flushed face and looking away, she slowly nodded.

「I thought so! Congrats, Horun♪」

Lapis’s whole face was smiling as she gave Horun her blessing.

Looking really happy, Horun smiled and replied 「Thanks」.

「Ah, Ane-sama. I served as their love cupid」

「That’s right. Thanks to Serafi-sama, I was able to confess」

「Really? Well done, Sera ♡ Snuggle, snuggle」

Until now, Lapis had been petting Sera, but here, even more than that, she was seriously a fawning siscon. Lapis was.


(TL note: Katsuobushi aka. Dried bonito is a type of dried, fermented, and smoked tuna. More

Okonomiyaki is a dish of various ingredients cooked in a flour batter. More Light Novel/Web-novel based around okonomiyaki

When Iris says that the clothes are ‘Eastern Clothes’, the kanji more closely specify Japanese clothes, but as a different world with the eastern island country, I couldn’t really say that…

Also, Lapis calls Horun with Shishou (master), but says Sensei (teacher). Nuance difference, that I might’ve forgotten in chapter 34. Lapis mainly addresses Horun that way for emphasis, mainly when asking for favors…

Hope you enjoyed~ Also, Maou Shoukan Ch3 is halfway finished, look forward to that sometime soon~!)

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  1. oooh, thanks for the chapter 😀

    also, i’m angry that Lily can’t get kisses from Iris but Lapis can kiss Sera >.<


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