JK Hirowaremashita Chapter 2

It Seems That I Was Bought

Now we return to the beginning.

「W-wait a minute!」

As I was calling the police on my smartphone, the woman’s face went pale and stopped.

「I was told to wait, so please hold on for a moment… yes, excuse me. It’s probably fine, no, perhaps a bit harsh. Just hoping that the other party is calm… yes, exactly. Really, I am also hoping to put an end to this.」

「You’re having a regular phone call in this sort of situation!? —Hey, it’s different. I’m a wholesome person!」

Being as shameless as to claim to be a wholesome person after sleeping naked with a high school girl, now that’s a bold spirit that I can admire. Of course, that’s a lie.

But there’s no mistake that I accepted her myself. If not, there’s no way to explain the current situation. Although I don’t remember. …thinking about it, why can’t I remember?

「Sorry. This conversation seems like it will take a while, so I’ll hang up for now. …Yes. If something happens, I’ll immediately call. Please.」

Cutting the call, I turn my phone off.

Seeing that, the woman gave a deep sigh of relief, then began putting on her underwear.

While retorting inwardly that that should be the priority, I search for my own underwear.

—Found it.

Its all flung around under the bed. The top is fine, but for some reason, the bottom is soaked. Thinking that it would feel disgusting to wear, I gave up and wrapped the futon around my lower half.

「Who are you?」

「I’m your lover—」

「Stop messing around or I’ll seriously call this time.」

「…Reika. I’m Reika Asahina.」

Probably not wanting to be reported for a second time, this time she spoke truthfully.

Asahina? …Hm, I feel like I’ve heard that name before, but its probably my imagination. In the first place, I don’t recognize her, so there’s no way she’s an acquaintance.

「Why am I here?」

「I brought Azusa-chan here. Then, before I knew it, you began drinking my sake… no drinking alcohol as a minor, you know? I’ll overlook it only for today.」

It’s a secret that I was retorting about whose mouth was daring to say that.

「Why do you know my name… did I talk?」

「Yup. Perhaps, do you not remember last night?」

I honestly nodded.

Seeing that, Asahina-san put her hand to her forehead and sighed.

「How much do you remember?」

「I went out at night, found a suitable uncle… around that much.」

「That much, huh… hey, Azusa-chan. You, do you know how much of a dangerous situation you put yourself in?」

Maintaining a sincere gaze on me, she piled up her words.

「Whatever your reason, you need to take better care of yourself. You might not have even been able to return for a second time.」

「Return, a second time…?」

「That’s right. What if you were forced to do the act, what were you planning in that case? You don’t have the strength to brush off a man, right? I stopped him right as he was heading to a hotel, but that was very close.」

I was prepared to do dangerous things. I was self-aware of that. But, those were just half-hearted feelings, not even thinking about what could happen.

…no, to be exact,『Even if I think about it, it doesn’t mean anything』.

「Adult society is drowning in desires, so don’t rashly think that you’ll be fine. Though, you don’t need to be cautious with me, okay? I’m actually thinking about Azusa-chan—」

「But in the end, you also toyed with me, right?」

「…Take better care of yourself. You’re still just a high schooler, so whatever happens, you can’t be doing those things. Promise me you won’t try a second time.」

Ignoring the part about herself, huh.

But, Asahina-san’s words aren’t wrong.

The one in the wrong is me, normally I would have the same thoughts as this woman.

「I don’t need your worries.」

With that, I gave a reassured nod.

「There are no kind people out there that would worry about me. Until now, there haven’t. So— I don’t care.」

「S-such a thing…!」

「Asahina-san as well, please don’t pay me any mind.」

After all, this person probably won’t seriously get angry with me.

She just happened to be there at the right time, then her sense of justice flared and couldn’t overlook what was happening, but inwardly is thinking about what a pain of an action she did.

I don’t care about what such a person thinks— what they say.

「Please don’t throw such hypocrisy at me.」

Otherwise, I’ll end up having expectations for someone again.

My hopes seemed to get closer, only to be pushed away too many times.

I don’t want to believe in anyone.

I don’t like having my heart shattered.

「Even if it was just a coincidence, thank you for saving me. …Also, I’m sorry for weirdly doubting you. —Goodbye.」

Putting on my school uniform full of wrinkles, I gave parting words and headed for the exit.

「Wait! Wait!」

Just before I grasped the doorknob, I was strongly embraced from behind.

It was Asahina-san. Turning around, she was looking at me with a face on the verge of tears. …Why does she have such a face?

「After this, what do you plan on doing?」

「I’ll head back to the apartment that I’m renting. School… right, today is Saturday. Ah, are you doubting whether I’d head to the police? Don’t worry about that. I’ll forget about today, so it’ll just be a brush with the law」

「Not that!」

Interrupting my words, she gave an angry yell.

It was my first time being talked to so forcefully, that it surprised me.

「Azusa-chan, you… are going to try to sell your body again, right.」

「That’s right. I’m not receiving any financial aid from my relatives, and living on a part-time is difficult. I’ll eventually try again.」


Asahina-san’s words cut off there.

Then, as if to indicate her conviction, she spoke slowly.

「Then, I will buy your everything.」


(Author note: Next part will be tomorrow, at 12 O’clock.

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(TL note: This is actually quite similar to the manga 【Watashi ni Karada, Utteminai?】, for those that have read that.

Other than that, nothing much down here)

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