JK Hirowaremashita Chapter 3

I Was Given A Large Sum Of Money

(Author note: This is actually a romance genre work.

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Just now, what did the woman in front of me say?

Buy? Who? Me? —Hah?

「Um, I probably misheard you. I feel like you just said that you would buy me, but」

「That’s right, I said that. If you’re going to sell yourself to suspicious men, then I will buy you.」

—Buy me.

Those words repeated in my head, again and again.

「…um, are you an idiot?」

After thinking, what came out were such honest words that surprised even I, myself, was surprised.

Asahina-san shows a bitter smile in response to my straight disparagement that hid nothing.

「That’s quite a thing to say.」

「No, I’m sorry. What I thought came out as is.」

「That, isn’t a great follow up.」

Indeed, that’s true.

Far from being a follow up, I’m making an even more fool of her.

「Azusa-chan. Can you listen to me?」

Again, Asahina-san gave me a serious gaze.

Being looked at from point-blank range, I can’t escape.

「Right now, you probably can’t believe me. However, I think of you as important. That’s why, last night, I saved you, and because I don’t want you to regret this, is why I’ll buy you. …well, having a night together was unexpected, though.」

I, am understanding even less.

Is she telling the truth? If she isn’t, she wouldn’t say something as outlandish as buying someone. But, there is no reason for going that far. After all, I am—

「I want you. …no, I will make you mine, even by force.」

「…It’ll cost a lot.」

I showed off a provocative smile.

If I didn’t put up a tough front, I would surely go crazy.

Asahina-san squarely took my provocation, but still, she kept staring at me, seemingly wanting to say something.

「Hey, come with me for a bit.」

Then, Asahina-san returned to the bedroom and began digging under the closet.

Hidden beneath a large amount of cloth, appeared a rectangular box, which she unlocked with familiar hands. I could only see it for a moment, but that’s… probably something precious.

「Here. Will this suffice?」

Looking at what was lightly handed to me, I froze.


Several seconds pass. Finally coming to my senses, I raised my voice.

Sitting in my hands is a stack of Yukichi-sans. **10,000¥**

「T-t-t-t-this, is…」

「One million yen.」

「One mi— What are you saying so simply!? I’m returning this!」

When I tried to push it back, it ended up being returned to me.

Then, Asahina-san naturally replied as such.

「I’m buying you with this money, so all this is yours. I’ll be troubled if you try to return it.」

—She’s serious.

This woman is seriously trying to buy me.

「…what, what do you want? What are you trying to make me do?」

「Of course, there will be conditions.」

Of what Asahina-san presented, there are mainly four points.

  • I will live here.

I will be Asahina-san’s, so it is a matter of course that we’d live together, or so I was told. She will talk with the manager of the apartment I currently live at and she’ll have my belongings brought over, so it seems that I’ll be living here starting today.

  • I will immediately quit my part-time job.

Because the walk home at night is dangerous and Asahina-san will be caring for me, I was told that there is no need for me to earn money myself. In exchange, she would like me to help out with the household chores, but that doesn’t seem very balanced. Of course, in the meaning that chores are much easier.

  • I will promise not to do something dangerous again.

If there is something I need or want, I should use the million that I was given. If that runs out, Asahina-san would buy it for me, as long as I definitely don’t do something like last night, so I was reminded.

That, the meaning of this one million yen… I thought, but decided not to think deeply about it. If any more anguishes are born, next time, I really stop thinking.

  • At minimum, I will give at least one greeting kiss.

I was really questioning this one, but she went as far as pleading while groveling in front of me.

I don’t really get it, but getting one million yen for a kiss a day is cheap.

Probably, if I was selling myself to some old geezer, it wouldn’t stop at just a kiss, so even if it continued daily, it would be quite the price.

「How is it?」

「No, even if you ask me…」

As is, there are way too many benefits for me.

Seeing me bewildered, it seems like she misunderstood something.

「Is it not enough? Then, look forward to future raises—」

「This is enough!」

I don’t really get it, but I get that if I receive any more than this, it’ll be bad.

For that reason, I frantically insisted that the million was fine. Seemingly understood by Asahina-san, she consented to the million yen.

…Huh? Why is it my side that’s doing the persuasion?

「Now then, I look forward to being with you— Azusa-chan.」

In any case, I was bought.

Some woman I’ve never met before— I was picked up by Reiko Asahina-san, acquired a large lump of money called one million yen, and I was bought by her.

「Ahaha… what is this」

Having finally met my limit of understanding, I let out a laugh as dry as a sundried desert and just stood there dumbfounded.

—It’s radiant.

It’s not the light from the rising sun, but Asahina-san’s joyful smile that came from the bottom of her heart was the only thing that I could think.

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(TL note: Yukichi-san is the guy on the ¥10,000 bill, who was a Meiji-era philosopher, political advocate for reform, and the founder of Keio University.)

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