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JK wa Onna Shachou ni Hirowaremashita

JK Picked Up By A Female President

Author: Shiranami Hakua

Status: 31 Chapters (Completed)


Table of Contents


Azusa Rokujou, having lost her parents in a car accident and taken in by relatives who treated her as a nuisance, closed off her heart after the incident. Once she became a high schooler, Azusa began living alone, without any financial support, and Azusa, who thought that she wouldn’t be able to live solely on her part-time salary, decided to sell her body in desperation, then entered the red-light district.

Then, before she knew it, she was sleeping with an unknown woman, naked. The woman, Reika Asahina, is the CEO of a super major company, and is a pervert with lesbian tendencies—

「If you’re going to sell yourself to some suspicious man, then I’ll buy your everything.」


Reika tries to dearly love Azusa, who became unable to trust anyone else, and close their distance. Thus begins their abnormal cohabiting life.

Chapter 1

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