Ruri to Yuri to Hime to Majo Chapter 43

Cut the cabbage. Single-mindedly cut.

Cut. Cut.


「Ugaaaaaa! It’s too much cabbage!」

「Hey, Horun-sensei. Your hand has stopped moving.」

「If you’re going to call me so highly, I’d like for you to show me more appreciation!」

Right now, Lapis and Horun are mincing a large amount of cabbage. Of course, the part that’ll be used as ingredients for their okonomiyaki.

Iris was also going to stay over for the night, so today’s dinner would be five peoples’ worth. And Lily, when eating a new, delicious food for the first time, can easily eat 3 peoples’ worth.

According to what Horun had heard, Iris also seems to eat more than the norm. In Lapis’s head, the opinion that witches are all gluttons emerged.

For that reason, a large amount of cabbage was necessary. To the extent that it wouldn’t be possible with only one person.

「—Un. This much should be good. Good work, Horun.」

「T-this is it? Alright, we finally did it!」

「All that’s left is to mix and cook it, so you can head back to Iris-san now.」

「C-can I? Then, I’ll take up your offer…」

Wiping her hands with a towel, Horun trotted back to her lover.

Left behind, Lapis used the stove’s four burners to their max, cooking the okonomiyaki.

There were only two varieties, one with pork, the other with seafood. Lapis thought that anything other than this would be heresy.

Cooking it efficiently, Lapis then added her handmade sauce and mayonnaise, then topped it with finely grated dried bonito to complete it. Lapis also wanted some dried seaweed, but unfortunately hadn’t gotten any yet.

「Here, sorry for the wait, this is okonomiyaki. It won’t be as good once it cools down so go ahead and eat.」

Placing a plate and a pair of chopsticks in front of everyone, Lapis returned to the kitchen. This was in preparation for everyone asking for a second helping.

As she was once again cooking at full power, she could hear multiple voices crying out 「Delicious!」 from behind her. Hearing such, Lapis gave an embarrassed laugh.

「—I cooked up a second helping. Lily, Iris-san, and… Sera, want another?」

「I shall have half a serving.」

「Ah, Lapis-sama, I can cook my own serving.」

「Really? Then, can I ask you to?」

Lapis and Horun switched places— or so you’d think, but she sat between Lily and Sera. That sofa was only designed to sit two people in the first place, so of course it was a tight fit. However, that was what the three of them wanted.

After all, this is the flirty couple and siscon pair that don’t care about any outside perspectives.

「Ah, it’s delicious. I did well, saying so myself♪」

「This so-called katsuobushi was also in the takoyaki, right. That was also good.」

「Iris-san, you’ve eaten takoyaki before? How nice…」

Passing their mealtime harmoniously, they finally cleared their plate of okonomiyaki.

「…we seriously finished up everything…」

「It’s a good thing we cut up all that cabbage, right?」

As Horun muttered and washed the dishes, Lapis replied while brewing some tea.

Incidentally, of the ten okonomiyaki they made, Lily ate four, Iris ate three, then Lapis, Sera, and Horun had one each. The witch team, they clearly ate too much.

Drinking the roasted green tea, they gave a sigh of relief.

The conversation reached that turn about taking a bath.

「Iris and Horun-chan, why don’t you take a bath together?」

「I don’t really mind—」

「No way, no way! It’s still too early for that!」

「Well, people all have their own paces after all. Just take it easy?」

「Of course, I will be taking my bath together with Ane-sama.」

「Um… I’ll go in with that group.」

「Horun. Even though you don’t want to enter with me, you’re going to enter with other women?」

「Eh? Ah, no, that’s—」

「Fufu, Iris. Aren’t you saying some teasing things.」

「But in that case, it’d be us four, leaving Iris-san alone?」

「…I, I’ll, join in, with Iris-san… uuu」

「Well, even if you say so with those teary eyes」

「It can’t be helped, then. I’ll go in with Iris.」

「Are you fine with that, Lily-neesama?」

「Sure. This way is the for the best, right?」

「…sorry. Because of my selfishness」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. I said it before, people have their own paces, after all.」

「Then, Lily-neesama, Iris-sama, are you going to enter first?」

「No, we’re fine going last. I’m fine taking 2-hour long baths, after all.」

「…I’d leave first, though?」

「I don’t mind it.」

「Then, Lily, ready the bath.」

「Okay, just a second.」

Leaving her seat, Lily headed for the bathroom. Then, about 20 seconds later, she returned.

「The water’s ready.」


She brought out the water with magic, so it only took an instant. Saying her gratitude, Lapis, held hands with Sera and Horun and headed for the bath.

In the dressing room.

「Ah, come to think of it, since coming to live here, this is my first time taking a bath without Lily.」

「You both have always gotten along well together, huh. How nice.」

「Really, I’m grateful to Lily-neesama.」

They removed their clothes and nakedly entered the bathroom.

Since Lapis and Sera know how to alternatively wash each other, Horun washed herself alone. Her large chest trembled like pudding.

「Ah, Ane-sama is so pretty and cute… it’s invincible♪」

「Who am I fighting… Rather, Sera is the cute one」

「Ane-sama. Fundamentally, I will agree with everything you say, but I hold a different opinion about that. Ane-sama is the cute one.」

「Hahaha, you’re saying some funny stuff, Sera. Even though there’s no living creature cuter than Sera in this world」

「Ane-sama is also saying funny stuff. If you plan to speak further, I might just have to plug those lips of yours?」

While the sisters were having their quarrel-like praising contest, Horun was washing her hair. Because her ears are located in a different spot compared to regular humans, she had to take extra caution.

「(They get along too well, these two. Even with all this, I wonder how Lily-sama doesn’t get jealous.)」

While thinking about that, she rinsed her hair, then submerged herself into the bath. Before coming to this house, her bathing only consisted of showers, but she was already enraptured by the powers of the bath.

Truly, it is a deceitful bath.

At that time, the sisters had washed their bodies clean and came over. Somehow lacking in prudence, they seemed even more sparkly than usual.

And those two closed in on Horun.

「Hey, Horun. No matter how you look at it, Sera is the cuter one, right?」

「No. Ane-sama is, by far, the cuter one here. Horun definitely understands, right?」

So this was still going on? Thinking such, Horun replied.

「My  apologies. I am fundamentally Lapis-sama’s ally.」

「N-no way…」

「Fufun. Like I said, right? Sera is the cuter one—」

「So I think that Lapis-sama is the cuter one.」


「As expected of Horun!」

An unbelievable betrayal.

Lapis tries to coax Horun back to being her ally, but Horun stubbornly refused. In the end, the 2 v. 1 stance didn’t break.

Leaving the bath with a subtle sense of defeat, they put on Iris’s souvenirs— the yukata. Being much easier to move than imagined, Lapis took a liking to these clothes.

「Um… Ane-sama. …I can’t figure out how to wear this」

「…Me too」

「It can’t be helped, I’ll do it for you.」

「Thank you very much」

「Rather, Lapis-sama, why can you wear it normally?」

「Heheh. After all, I’m a fan of the eastern island country.」

Dressing up Sera and Horun in their yukata, they returned to the living room.

「The bath’s open now. Also, Lily, lend me the hair dryer.」

「Okay~. Those clothes look nice, it’s cute♪」

Hugging Lapis, Lily uses her magic. In the blink of an eye, Lapis and Sera’s hair was dried.

「Horun also looks lovely. Enough that I want to immediately hug you.」


Iris cast magic on the frozen Horun, drying her hair.

「? Lapis, somehow you smell nice.」

「Isn’t it just that I got out of the bath?」

「Ah, that’s true! We always took one together, so I didn’t realize it.」

Lily took a deep breath. She was filled with a large amount of happiness.

「T-that’s embarrassing. —Lily should also go take her bath.」

「Sure, I’ll be off, then. I’ll come back smelling nice so wait for me.」


Seeing off Lily and Iris, Lapis prepared some cold drinks. At the moment, she was in the mood for something sweet, so she decided on squeezed apple juice.

「Here, Sera. Apple juice.」

「Thank you」

「Horun as well」


The sisters sit separately from Horun and they drink their juice.

Passing time, they interrogated Horun who was still festive over having gotten a girlfriend.

After about 30 minutes, Lily returned. Her hair was already dried.

「Lapis, how is it? Is it a nice fragrance?」

「Sniff sniff… Lily smells nice♪」

Embracing each other, they dwelled in the other’s scent.

「Lily also looks great in that yukata. Did you put it on yourself?」

「Nah, I got Iris to help me.」

「And that Iris-san is?」

「In the bath. Said she’d be in for another hour. She’s fine if we head to bed first.」

Saying so and separating from Lapis, Lily recieved some apple juice by Sera. Replying 「Thanks」, Lily accepted it.

「Then, I think I’ll head to sleep now. Walking around all was certainly tiring」

「That’s true. What will Sera-chan and Horun-chan do?」

「I shall also sleep. I am also quite tired from my figure making.」

「I’ll stay awake. …I want to sleep together with Iris-san…」

After giving the blushing Horun an admiring gaze, the three of them headed to their room.

With Lapis positioned in the center, they got in bed.

「Good night, Lapis」

「Good night, Lily」

Giving a good night kiss to her lover on her right side—

「Good night, Ane-sama」

「Good night, Sera」

Then also giving a good night kiss to her sister on her left side, Lapis fell asleep.



(TL note: Nothing in particular. Try rereading from the beginning in you don’t remember anything. Sorry for the long break (again).)

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