Witch Guild Fantasia Chapter 3.1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3.2

Chapter 2

Chapter 3.2

(TL note: You were expecting a single chapter, but you got a batch release and a cliffhanger!

…What? You were expecting an April Fools joke?

Hahaha~! Jokes on you, my joke is in being normal!

…Anyway, this is my second attempt at translating a manga, so if there’s any feedback, feel free to let me know~!

Other notes~ Redrawing is hard, so don’t expect quality in that section~, though I did my best on page 17. You’re welcome.)

(TL note 2: This is the end of my Witch Guild Fantasia stock. Next time you see me scanlating, it’ll be on a new (hopefully) project. Hope to see you soon!)

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