Chikyuu-san wa Level Up Shimashita! ToC

As Earth-san leveled up, everyday life was dyed into fantasy.

Dungeons and monsters appeared, and the karma status system was released for many creatures.

The petite girl Hitsujiya Meiko, who celebrated it like the other creatures from all over the world, was swallowed by the appearance of a dungeon infested with monsters.

Sometimes she saves people around the world, sometimes guides them, sometimes makes them enthusiastic, sometimes makes them misunderstood. This is a story about a girl running through the new world with no intention of concealing her activity. (From NovelUpdates)

Read online or buy the physical version

(vol. 1 release on Nov. 1, 2021)!

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Manga: まいたけ

Original Novel: 生咲日月

Character Designer: shnva

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