Maou Shoukan ToC

魔王を召喚したら好みの女の子だったので求愛してみました 〜魔王と一緒に世界を救う救世主の物語〜(仮)



Maou wo Shoukan Shitara Konomi no Onnanoko Datta node Kyuuai Shitemimashita ~ Maou to Isshoni Sekai wo Sukuu Kyuuseishu no Monogatari ~ (Kari)

When I Summoned the Demon Lord, She Was My Type, So I Tried Courting Her ~ A Story of Saving The World With The Demon Lord

Author: KMY

Illustrations: Yuki Asuka

[Rated 15+]

Status: 110 Chapters (Ongoing)


Original (Chapters 31-45)



Novel Updates

Planned to be uploaded every day around 7~8 AM (At present, including the weekends) (Author’s Words)

From the second volume on, there are cruel depictions included

The author changes the title frequently by mood. Former title 「Cute na Mao-chan wa Watashi no Tsukaima Desu」→「Watashi no Tsukaima wa Maou Desu!」→ Present title

From the sixth volume on, there are some serious war components included

Vol 1Comedy of Arisa and the Individual Girls that got Caught Up

Vol 2Demon Lord Valgis’s Past

Vol 3Arisa and her Allies’ Journey to Defect to the Demon’s Country

Vol 4Passing Time at the Demon Lord Castle

Vol 5Dueling Tournament Pattern and First Date Pre-Rebellion

Vol 6Wistaria Kingdom’s Invasion. Three Royal Capital Defensive Battles

Vol 7Military Expedition to Wistaria Kingdom Preparations and Everyday Life

Vol 8Demon Lord Army’s Expedition・First Half ~ From Departure to De Gu Niino Surrender

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