Nidome Murabito Table of Contents

Nidome no Jinsei wa Zettai, Shiawase ni! ~Murabito kara Murabito ni Tensei Shitan Dakedo, Kondo wa Hitonami no Shiawase ga Hosshi! Demo, Dekiru no?~

Author: Choiburu-chan

【二度目の人生は絶対、幸せに! ~村人から村人に転生したんだけど、今度は人並みの幸せが欲しい!でも、出来るの?~】


Status: Ongoing (Vol 4, Chapter 59)


Novel Updates



Chapter 1 “It Seems That I’ve Been Killed in a Cruel Way…”

  • Story 1 “Somehow, I’m Inside a White Building?”
  • Story 2 “Fun fun x3 【Revised】”
  • Story 3 “Years After Reincarnation isn’t a Certain Famous CPU’s Model Number!”
  • Story 4 “Praying to the Goddess at Church. It’s Deteriorating Compared to the Real One Though”
  • Story 5
  • Story 6
  • Story 7
  • Story 8
  • Story 9
  • Story 10
  • Story 11

(TL note: Unfortunately, I’m dropping this series, since I’m having some problems getting into it, while favoring other series. Anyone is free to pick it up if you’d like. ~Sorry)

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