Original Works

Author & Illustrator: Sein (精ん)

About: A compilation of various works I wrote for fun. For the most part, these stories can be considered rather niche genres and such, but I mostly write what I like to read. (Okay, now you can judge me really harshly, I don’t care…)


Oneshot Project: Various related and unrelated short stories based on whatever themes and character types that I found interesting, likely to be niche (Yuri, Shoujo-Ai, CGDCT, Supernatural, Fantasy, etc.). Any titles blacked out have not yet been finished or are yet to be typed and edited.

  • Oneshot 1
  • Oneshot 2 【Ecliptis no Kyogou: Bannou Epic】

Fantasy story of Midori, a young orphan, and her struggles to survive, until one day, she encounters the champion, Norma, and joins her constellation. 【Alternate Version

  • Oneshot 3

Slice-of-Life, science-fiction story of how one morning, Karin woke up to find that she had a clone.

  • Oneshot 5
  • Oneshot 6
  • Oneshot 7
  • Oneshot 8

Slice-of-Life, supernatural story of Isabella when humanity suddenly vanishes from the face of the planet.

  • Oneshot 10
  • Oneshot 11
  • Oneshot 12
  • Oneshot 13 【Futari wa Gakkou ni Itteshimatta?!】

Slice-of-Life story continuing Karin’s unfortunate attempts to not go to school because of suddenly gaining a clone.

  • Oneshot 14
  • Oneshot 15

Fantasy story of Anera, Kyouko, Mina, Shizu, and Rouka (the Hero’s party, foretold to defeat the Devil King), SoL version

  • Oneshot 17
  • Oneshot 18
  • Oneshot 19
  • Oneshot 20

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