Souzoukai’s “Team”

A brief description would be a “one-man-show” of an overambitious teenager. Since this kid is still in school fresh into college, everything is still on the level of a hobby, so don’t judge anything too harshly.

Also, I’ve got a weird obsession with yuri, shoujo-ai, slice-of-life, comedy stories, so expect those sorts of stories and translations.


  • Sein (精ん)

Possible Future Translation Projects:

I really shouldn’t be thinking about even more translation projects when I’m having trouble being consistent with those that I already have, but, here. A list of what I’ve found that might be fun to translate. (Doesn’t include works that had translations started, then dropped.)

Feel free to drop any titles (and links) to anything that you’d like to be considered for future translation.

I will consider any genre, but be aware that I might not get to it, or might start it, then disappear for several months…

Current List:

Infinite loop back to this page

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