JK Hirowaremashita Chapter 1

When I Woke Up, There was A Stranger Beside Me

Early spring morning, when it is still cool out.

With light slipping through the crack in the curtains, I can faintly hear birds chirping outside.


The soft sound of breathing.

Sitting up on the high-class double bed, to my side is the figure of a woman sleeping peacefully.

Silky blonde hair that sparkles in the light. A beautiful face that would make anybody take a second glance. Sleeping so soundly that it brings to mind the children’s fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

And that woman is as naked as when she was born. —And so am I.

Whether or not I stripped while I slept, I only had the thin futon covering my body. Reaching out her hand as though to cover up with the futon due to the cold— for some reason landed on my chest. I mercilessly smacked it away.

It seemed that she woke up with that smack.

The woman sat up while rubbing her eyes and limply smiled.

「Good morning, Azusa-chan.」

I was hugged in her fluid and natural action.

A moment late, I pushed her back. Her lips formed an unsatisfied frown, but I didn’t have the composure to respond to that.


Fearfully, I opened my mouth.

The woman tilted her head, still having a carefree smile on her face.

「Who… are you?」

「Fufufu, I am Azusa-chan’s L-o-v-e-r」

When I woke up after sleeping, there was an unknown woman sleeping with me in the nude, calling herself my lover.

Crossing my arms and tilting my head, I can’t remember what happened last night. Muttering an “I see”, I start my phone that I had set to the side.

Without hesitation, I dialed 「110」.


I can’t say that my life has been very happy.

I lost both of my parents at a young age in a traffic accident, then, once I was taken in by a relative, I never once was able to receive my share of love from my relatives.

When it came time for the talks about who would take me in, who had lost my family, everyone gathered had unpleasant faces. Eventually it grew into a dispute over who would take the responsibility.

They all had their own lives, their own children. And into that, a foreign object is thrown in, of course they wouldn’t accept it. Giving up, I watched the adults’ dispute from afar, as though I were unrelated.

—I’m grateful just for being allowed to live.

I did my best so that I could live on my own in the future.

I resolved myself for that as a lower grade primary schooler. Despite being a child, what is she… you might think.

However, if I didn’t think as such, I wouldn’t be able to live in the future, and although I was a child, because I could understand that, I went a bit overboard in my efforts.

Until I entered high school, I stored up on any necessary information, and as I enrolled, I began living alone, as though running away.

My relatives didn’t approve of sending me any allowance.

They’d always been stingy about spending any money for me, so this was expected. That was the start of my fully self-sufficient life, but I would have to concurrently do my best as a student and part-timer.

An incident occurred quite some time after enrollment.

As I was walking home from my job at night, I noticed somebody tailing me.

Completely frightened, I rushed to the police, and they looked into it, but whether the culprit quickly realized and ran, in the end, no one was found, and it ended with me being sent back to my home in a patrol car.

I was told that it’s dangerous for a high school girl to be walking alone at night, but it can’t be helped.

Afterward, whether the culprit was just being more cautious, I couldn’t feel anyone after me. Then, one month later, just as I was beginning to forget about the stalker incident, that night, I was chased down by a male wearing a black coat.

I frantically ran, but my wrist was caught.

When I frightenedly cried out, by chance, there was an officer on patrol nearby and the male was apprehended.

Rumors that I was chased around by a stalker immediately began circulating the school.

Since then, not just my classmates, but most students would look at me with strange eyes. The male students were worried for me, but were filled hidden, evil intentions.

Without caring about what the truth was, from the perspective of others, I seemed like a woman always surrounding herself with men.

Because of that, the female students would gossip behind my back, saying 「Just because she’s cute, she’s getting carried away」… In the end, there was nobody that would hang around me.

Hah, people… to be such—

In truth, my parents died, my relatives that took me in didn’t love me and sent me off to fend for myself, I was chased by a stalker, then wasn’t seriously worried for afterward.

「Mou, enough」

At that time, unsurprisingly, my heart quickly shattered.

After that, I started to be indifferent toward 『everything』.

Even when being horribly scorned, I didn’t try to resist.

I had no allowance from my relatives. Needing to balance between my studies and work was difficult. When I headed home late, I’d be attacked.

Nobody worried about me.

After all, friends that would worry about me don’t exist in this world.

What if, I were to allow myself to be attacked?

Then, I could work for easy money.

Simply by just overlapping skin with some unknown person.

「Mister, would you like to buy me— one night?」

Heading out into the night town, I caught myself a suitable person.

I can’t remember what happened after that.

When I came to, I was sleeping in a bed, and next to me, there was a naked woman. There are many things that I would like to say and hear. But first, let me start with this.

…why, is it a woman?

(Author note: Everyone, hello.

Nice to meet you for first timers, thank you for reading my past works for returnees.

This work was written with the theme of 『relaxed romance yuri days』.

Around 70000 characters will be published per day until completion.

If you found this interesting or wanting to read more, please feel free to leave your impressions down below (and if possible, leave a five-star rating, if I’m to be selfish).

The next update will be today, at 5 PM.)



(TL note: 「110」 is the Japanese hot dial for the police. Just think of [911].

Hi… it’s been a while, hasn’t it. Who was it that was thinking of uploading a whole bunch of stuff over the summer?!

It was me…?


Well, I’m now uploading a large batch of translations, so forgive me?

I have several new projects that I’ve had on my mind since I stopped uploading in January (wait, it’s been that long!?), so I hope you all enjoy, now that I have the time and motivation (while it lasts).)

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